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Be Safe Gun Training ensures the quality of gun instruction by finding and recruiting talented instructors who are first and foremost, safe gun handlers and who are adept at providing a safe and secure environment for our students.  This is the charter of our business which we take very seriously by selecting trainers who are consistent with our way of conducting training.

Be Safe Gun Training staffs your training either in-house, by independent contractors or through its network of affiliate instructors who themselves are independent gun instructors that meet our criteria.

Instructors are certified in the area of expertise in which they teach.  They possess any one or a combination of the following credentials:  Certified NRA Instructor, Certified BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) Firearms Instructor, California DOJ (Department of Justice) Certified Firearms Instructor.  They are experienced.  They are professionally insured for firearms training.  All live fire exercises are conducted in fully-licensed and insured facilities.

In addition, we strive to match the personality of the student with instructors that can easily work with the student.  It's not simply about gun knowledge but the ability of instructor and student to work together to accomplish the goals of the student.

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Attention:  Firearms Instructors Wanted

Be Safe Gun Training is always looking for talented gun instructors who share our passion for gun safety and quality training.  You must be a Certified NRA Instructor, Certified BSIS Firearms Instructor or California DOJ Certified Firearms Instructor.  The ideal candidate will have over 5 years of experience training students and be good working with people.  You will need to pass a background investigation.  Employee and 1099 independent contractors are encouraged to apply.  In addition, independent gun instructors are encouraged to contact us for consideration in our network.  Please feel free to email us your resume.

Attention:  Experienced Shooters Who Want to Be Gun Instructors

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