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Firearms Instruction

AllSafe Defense System -  [Los Angeles, California] Offers NRA basic firearms courses in the use of pistols, rifle and shotgun.  NRA Certified Instructor courses also available.

Block, Greg - [Huntington Beach, California] Handgun, rifle and shotgun instruction from the basic to the advanced level.  Several courses emphasizing personal and home protection.

Bowen, Jim & Todorovich, Kathy - [Huntington Beach, California] - Offers security guard and firearms training services to the general public.  Courses conducted at the Firing Line indoor range in Huntington Beach.

Desy, William: CCW USA - [San Diego, California] - Has been operating a long-running course on training to obtain the Utah CCW and Florida CCW gun permits. Also offers a variety of firearms training.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute - [Las Vegas, Nevada] - One of the leading gun academies in the country, with instruction for security professionals, law enforcement and ordinary citizens spanning a wide range of firearms.

Private Gun Lessons - [Los Angeles, California] Firearms professional offers handgun training to civilians.  Beginners and women welcome. Mobile service in the privacy of client's home or office. Range time coaching included. 

Top Gun Training Center - [Huntington Beach, California] Courses primarily in tactical pistol  Other courses offered.

West Coast Tactical - [Torrance, California] Offers personal and home defense courses using pistol and shotgun.  Courses conducted at the Southern California Sharpshooter indoor range.

Gun Legal

California Department of Justice, Firearms Division - This is your main source on California law as it relates to firearms.

Hangun Law US - One of the leading CCW websites on the Internet.  Has supplanted, which used to be the leading site on the subject.

General Firearms

California Rifle and Pistol Association - This is an organization that seeks to protect the gun rights of gun owners in the state of California.

Chestnut Ridge Supply - Online retailer of ammunition and guns parts.

Clark Custom Guns - [Princeton, Louisiana] Gunstore and gunsmithing services.

Defensive Carry - Devoted to issues regarding concealed carry.  Has active CCW forums.

Gun Owners of America - An organization devoted to protecting the Second Amendment Rights of Americans.

Historical - Online store selling antique and replica arms and armor, books, art prints, articles.

Hunter's Shooting Association - Organization promoting field marksmanship events, primarily for big game hunters.

Link Select - Contains a large list of links to various gun-oriented sites, listed in categories.

National Rifle Association -  This is the official website of the largest and longest-running gun organization in the United States.

Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Tasers and Security Surveillance Cameras - Many self defense items not readily available in stores.

US Firearms Association - Portal on the Internet for all things gun-related. Includes postal marksmanship qualification program which makes it unique.

Women and Guns - Online presence of a bi-monthly magazine devoted to women and firearms.

Martial Arts

Ray Terry, The Martial Arts Resource - Practicioner of the Korean and Filipino martial arts offers instruction in Campbell, California.

Security Guard

California Security Guard Card - Resource center for California security guard with information on obtaining and maintaining the BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) approved training.

Security Guard Training - Company in the Los Angeles area that provides training for guard and bodyguards to be licensed in California. Includes training to obtain the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) Exposed Carry Firearms Permit.


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