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NRA Certified Firearms Instructors

Although our state, California, may not appear to have much demand for gun enthusiasts, they are out there, including prospective enthusiasts who are interested in recreational shooting, competition shooting, home and personal protection.  There are only a limited number of firearms instructors and prospective students typically have to dig far and wide to find courses and lessons.

Are you an experienced gunner who would like to be a firearms instructor?  If so, you need to get your credentials.  A good first step would be to take a course for NRA Certified Instructors.  There's a course for each of the major disciplines --- pistol, rifle and shotgun.  Take a course in which you will learn the NRA's approach to teaching gun safety, firearms components, ammunition, shooting fundamentals and firearms basics.  You need to find a NRA Firearms Training Counselor who can provide this instruction to you.

For more information, please email us and we will refer you to a recommended NRA Training Counselor in the area.  

This facility, Be Safe Gun Training/Academy Security Training, is one of the few California Department of Justice (DOJ) recognized facilities to train firearms instructors to administer the DOJ Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) demonstration.  Firearms Instructors can obtain training from us and get certification to administer the HSC training and test so that law-abiding citizens in California can purchase firearms. 


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